Why Revival?

REVIVAL is honored to be one of the 632 practices approved in the United States to provide CRYOSKIN.  Fat freezing technology has evolved in an array of different variations and treatment forms. You will find that CRYOSKIN is the most advanced of those treatments and exhibits the highest patient satisfaction ratio across the board.

CRYOSKIN originated in Paris 15 plus years ago and has since delivered exceptional quantitative clinical results.  As technology has advanced, the treatments have only gotten better and better.  Patients rave and rave about how CRYOSKIN has changed their life and truly delivered results.

Unwanted Fat, Loose Skin and Cellulite are all factors that our society struggles with on a daily basis. CRYOSKIN has proved amazing results in treating all of the above via a combination of technology and technique.

CRYOSKIN Treatment Specifics:

  • Patient sees Immediate Results, Patients lose anywhere from .5inches to 4 inches per treatment
  • No Downtime, No Recovery Time
  • Permanent Results
  • Specialized, Focused Treatment based upon Full Area
  • Ability to treat the entire body
  • Smooths and Contours treatment area,  while eliminating unwanted fat
  • 15 years of clinically  proven, quantitative, measurable results
  • Patient does not have to increase water intake or implement a diet or exercise program to achieve real results.